Build small ant-based machines and get your queen to the other side!


You use right mouse click to move the map, left mouse click to do your current selected action. The "Select" action selects a group of ants, the "Command" action allows you to draw a line of what path the ants walk.

Ants will pick things up they encounter along the way, and they will hand things over to ants of another group that aren't holding something.

Why it's made
I saw a small Kurzgesagt video about ant colonies and how they work. I wanted to make a small demo of a game that would integrate these kinds of mechanics.

Working on the game has kind of lost my interest, but the bare featureset is there. The game is playable, there is a goal, but there aren't great rewarding factors for the player. Your mileage may vary playing the game tho, so please give it a try!
The prototype will remain shelved until I find the motivation to continue on the design.

Release date Oct 20, 2020
AuthorBram Dingelstad
Made withGodot
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksHomepage, Twitter

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